I Wish I Knew: Bugseed

by Chad One Love (Prod. by Bugseed)

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Well, the title pretty much says it. I really admired the way Bugseed produced his tracks, fell in love with a few, made them and had them mixed and mastered. I hit him up and about a week later he replied. We negotiated a contract and we've been working together since then. So look out Chad One Love x Bugseed. More Coming Soon


released October 13, 2013

Produced by Bugseed
Mixed and Mastered by Trinity Stack
Written and Recorded by Chad One Love



all rights reserved


Chad One Love Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Destined, No Question (prod. by Bugseed)
Verse 1:
wicked thoughts quick as slip stream turbo
money by the minute like the senate of a circle
problems came as promised by the people and the logo
no for real, it drives you loco

see ya sippin on ya henny and ya soco
im sippin water, the thoughts will provoke
waves of an author that i promise i dont know
time rolls back like im typing in slowmo

mind knows that bein simple is a no no
(come up with)
rhymes so fast youd think medulla hit the dojo
crimes no path for the people with the gold so know that
im gone last if im asked then i wont go

masked in the lo lo im evading
the overwhelming thoughts all im persuin is the patience
assuming negotiations
wont be such as my peanut butter preference
ya hands raised, what are your questions for

C-h-a-d One Love babe
I'm gonna be somebody

Verse 2:
you ask that i come back for a second time
im just a lyricist not tryna be your valentine
theres no strings attatched no bows
or pouch of arrows you poked your own soul

you dug your own hole sorry that i didnt fall to
i got some homies though ill make sure that they call you
may need a jacket for the text i just sent
time to find a new lap blunts got my ones spent

attitude discusseded/ (me)
we discussed it/ (see)
just ya avereage eoj til you press my nottu-b's
clean cut with ya maybe, buts
sorries and your wait whats claimin that you know me but its only been a day slut

bout as attractive as a 9 got subtracted from a dime
with no love if it isnt in a mattress
how many problems will you find with beer bottles on the wall wine tricked you by the shape of the glasses

C-h-a-d One Love babe
I'm gonna be somebody

Verse 3:
1 L is what I claim
Rollin in the 1 L in the south lane
While I'm Rollin 1 L Easin my pain
How many hits from 1 L to ease migraines
stemmin from the front of my brain

I'm entitling you to a peek
that you probly don't deserve you'll forget it in a week
If this is something that you've heard
There must be something that you've seen
Why do you hide it, Is it to clean

It isn't real
Your just trying to make it seem
/That no one thinks I could hit a magazine
stubble hits the sink, Pop the tag off the jeans
Clip my nails in the trash shirt and shoes are a team

Pinky and wrist need to gleam
5 gs
That new chick in my dreams
5 zs
I keep it crispy every day until she finds me
That drink me potion
Keepin me tiny wantin

C-h-a-d One Love babe
I'm gonna be somebody

Chad One Love
Track Name: It's The Lean (prod. by Bugseed)
Verse 1:
A grown man since a baby shux always likin lady butts maxim
Knowin he can't have em
Hand grew, now it could grip a basketball
High hopes, doesnt mean he'd be the last to fall

Use to have a cape, mask powerangers
Draws and a wife beater, I'm here to fight danger
Til he saw the gun shot thought with the light saber
When the bad guys come he really might save her

With the first little sip he didnt savor so he drank his life away to try and spite the anger
Codeine with a sprite and a flavor,
Blue jolly rancher til he couldn't feel the pain hurt

Sane lurks in the laying dirt and the only way to find the shovel is to say it first
It's a blatant curse
don't-think-about it
Floatin side to side splashing In the waves of violet

See me floatin side to side my bad it's the lean
Scenes gettin kinda loud I'm tryna do me

Verse 2:
My bad ain't feelin it
seein the floor where you think that the ceiling is
then pink turns to teal and this
All-slows-down- sound starts to really hit

My really bitch
Peel starts to get a twist
Twist starts to get a squeeze
Then you see the fruit exist
Feel a bit of fluid ness
Flow through the speakers
Won't share a bit if you insist
-Ro wouldn't either

Front rows back to the nose bleeders
Scuffed sneakers and ya bangin in the trunk of the beaters
Can't speeders in the back seat couple of liters
Use to tryin to have the best but having to wait until its cheaper

Solid struggle always pays off
Hard work didnt ever see a day soft
Start a fire a couple of people may cough
But his desire is more like droppin a bombs

Stay calm in the moment better save some
May come in the morning or when the days gone
Play dumb but the others need your patience
mind on the money but don't have any relation

Chad One Love
Track Name: Sunday, The Block (prod. by Bugseed)
now i live like this
not thinkin what some say
keep it presidential cuz youll lose the term one day

now i live like this
We gon party til the suns grey
you dont even know if youll make it through sunday

I woke up today
Already had my eyes red
Mind in a daze so I'll be damned if I aint gettin head

No police on the block
Smells like barbecue
Hope my homie has alot

I stayed up all damn night and didn't even get my grub on
Early in the morning on a Sunday fuck the cell phone

Cuz I'm just tryna roll up and breathe
Boy you better believe
I'm gon provide and succeed

But its a Sunday
And the suns out bright
Pineapple rillo in my ear and yes some purple in the sprite

I'm gonna do alright
Smilin despite what you say
Man can't a damn thing affect me im gon be happy anyway

The Cars parked outside
And its Lookin kinda dirty
Check the Rolly on my wrist and it's only 12 30

Turn it up to make the trunk sing
Then I'm headed up north to get the car cleaned

Sparkling (bling)
Is My 03 le sabre I'm poppin trunk it's wavin bye bye to these hoes see you later
Im In favor
Of my music when its screwed chopped
But only done by Robert Davis bitch don't act like you forgot
The dub to rap originator helped to start us on alot
Roll windows down he hits the fader damn you know that hits the spot

Do not
E ven
Stress about a damn thing
Girly blowing up your phone just let it ring like she's a fiend

Don't have to have respect for an H O E
They're never gonna treat ya right just gonna take ya things
Now I might be a little jaded by this girl Ya see
Let's just say it gets complicated when they make you mean
Don't scream

Unless your yelling "IT'S A SUNDAY"!
Goin probably 60 in a 30 on a one way

Now I ain't really tryna die
Just plan to live stress free
Dirt devils on my shoulder vacuuming impurities

I'm goin step by step you know I need it if I got it get out the ride proceed to show the i'm bout it bout it
Need a cigar
jumped in the house to get my swisher roll on
Sprinkle a little keef intentionally for a prolonged
Breathe through my teeth with herbal stress relief
Lookin at city ladies I'm strolling in Austin's pretty streets
Swoosh on my feet iPad in hands while I be makin beats
I need the fans
Y'all acting like I'm creatin me

think if i got to go about it again
(my days my time spent how i wanted)
id hit repeat to remember my friends
(stay up all night just getting blunted)
itd be the same from beginning to end
(ive got no doubt im livin right)
aint gone change for the rest of my life

Chad One Love