In Dis Bitch (Prod. by l0fty) SINGLE

by Chad One Love

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Some more 'club' type feel on this one than usual, but me and my man l0fty got carried away on that chill tip once again and ended up 'In Dis Bitch'. Just a little promo single to keep things movin. So Smoke Out Y'all


Verse 1:
It's not whether or not they seen but better they have sight
Imbezzled in fine dreams
Nightmares when real life
Gets there until I...
Get to feelin my mind...

Lets get the bump and the rillos
Get loud it's the weirdos fresh outta the ATX
Blow sess or heavy in contact
Ill take it beyond that
This whole house is smoked out
Oh now it's a contest

Gotta suicide bong vest/ Flash the lights and I push the button that's honest
And you know what's goin on bitch/shit
That makes you the accomplice

Hook 1:
Box of 5 swishers and a bag of weed

Verse 2:
On another mission to the west side
(Where there's trees rollin like a sea of green)
Think we could end up bein cement in the sandbox
(Aint no use in showin what it means to me)

So there ain't no denyin
I'm Aboutta g-go David and Goliath
On the rap game
I don't ask names
I take em like a virus
in the breeze the summer time
Weed and and a ton a rhymes
Who's up ontopa dat/ it's me and it'd underlined

Bold and italic smart allic imbalanced falacys
Those who be known to talk shit
Get buried while they countin sheep
Oh/ y'all didn't count on me?
Well stakes is high /and on the rise /is where they bout to be

Hook 2:
Box of 5 swishers and a bag of weed
This is from your mister and your majesty
Club don't close til half til 3
Lemme be the bishop of your fantasy

See I usually ain't this typa man but uh
When the liquor hits it flips the script ya dig
... And sometimes you gotta live

(Take a sip) (Watch ya self)


released December 18, 2013
Produced by l0fty
Mixed and Mastered by Trinity Stack
Written and Recorded by Chad One Love



all rights reserved


Chad One Love Austin, Texas

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